Cold Era Submarine wreak discovered

Jordan Huddleston

A WWII era Submarine, USS Stickleback has been located after 62 years! The USS Stickleback was sunk in an antisubmarine warfare exercise on May 28, 1958.  When the submarine went down it reportedly had lost all power and started to rapidly sink to the bottom of the ocean. The crew onboard the sub activated emergency ballast to bring the sub back to the surface, but unfortunately that is where the USS Stickleback collided with USS Silverstein. After the sub collided with the destroyer ship any attempts to keep it afloat were unsuccessful and it ended up sinking to the sea floor in about 11,000 feet of seawater. Luckily, when the sub sank everyone was able to evacuate the ship and there were no fatalitiesThis accident took place over 10 miles from barbers point in Oahu 

This sub was found by the Lost 52 Projects. The Lost 52 Project is an underwater exploration team that is finding and documenting subs that went missing during or after WWII. The USS Stickleback is one of four US submarines that went missing during the Cold War. In total the Lost 52 Project have located 6 subs and plan to expand their searches to ships as well. 



















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