F-35 Stealth Fighter Sent Out For First Time

Jordan Huddleston

A pair of F-35 stealth fighter had to counter an Anti-Submarine plane by Norway. This marks the first time the F-35 stealth fighters reacted to a NATO quick alert mission. The two F-35 provided support for F-16s that originally intercepted the planes because the planes were entering Norwegian airspace this Saturday. The Russian plane were flying over 13 hours because they had a refueling tanker with them. At one point the Russian planes were also intercepted by the British Royal Air Force Typhoons, who were also reacting to the NATO quick alert mission. 

Norway got the first F-35 stealth fighters about three years ago. Norway plans to expand their inventory of the fighter plans to 52 by the year 2025. By that time, they plan to retire their current stealth fighters, the F-16s. 

According to the North American Aerospace Defense Command “US stealth fighters, specifically the F-22 Raptor, routinely intercept Russian aircraft entering the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone. Such an intercept actually occurred Monday.” NORAD continues to monitor multiple areas in the Artic. They practice drills and exercises with the one goal in mind, to protect the homelands. 















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