Man Arrested after Assaulting Pro-Trump Teen

Alyssa Hernandez, Writer

Man Arrested after Assaulting Pro-Trump Teen  

The mom of the teen says her son was traumatized and didn’t realize something like this could happen. Cathy Campbell, the teens mom, went to go vote and took her son with her due to him staying home from school. Her son is very patriotic and was very excited to see that Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle were at the polling place. Cathy’s son was invited to hold signs up in front of the school, he decided to wear a MAGA hat despite his mom’s hesitation due to her knowing how much hate they receive.  

As the 15-year-old was telling everyone to have a good night, this one guy got upset over it and slapped the kid across the face. Another man at the polling place, also wearing a MAGA hat came up to try and diffuse the situation. Campbell says that man now has a fractured jaw. Since this situation and her son going back to school, he has received a lot of support. The man that assaulted the 15-year-old and the other man was seen assaulting another adult. He also pulled Trump signs out of the ground and ran some over, also running over one of the tents. He was then seen walking into the court smiling. Bradley, the man who assaulted the group, was charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of disorderly conduct and is being held at a $5,000 bail.   

Bradley was not the only one to assault people at the campaign, people all over the country are being assaulted for their political beliefs. Gregory William Loel Timm in Florida drove his car through a tent, but luckily no one was hurt. Erin Perrine tweeted, “This kind of violence must stop IMMEDIATELY.”