US Soccer doesn’t want to pay The men And woman teams equally?

Madison Morrow, Soccer editor

According to buzzfeednews the “The job of a men’s national team player carries more responsibility within US Soccer than the job of a women’s national team player, US Soccer argued in a court filing”.  They are saying they are less skilled and so they work less which is discriminating against the World Cup champion team just based on their gender. They only argument against them is that “biological differences and to argue that women should be paid less because the men’s team requires a higher level of skill”. Even through the women’s team is 4 time back to back champs and have a 30 game winning streak the men’s team does not. Some of the men’s players have spoken up about the issue. Even their sponsors are speaking up about the situation Coca-Cola blasted the U.S. Soccer Federation for their actions as well as Budweiser and Visa have spoken up about this and want to have a sit down with the US soccer federation. This will not stop their protest it only makes it bigger like last night during the finals of the She Believes cup US Vs Japan the US team come out wearing there warmups inside out so you could only see the stars and not the US crest “Unity. 4 stars only Who’s with us?”[email protected]USWNTPlayers. The game was sold out standing room only. The US Soccer Federation did apologize Wednesday after a backlash against statement, but they cannot take back the damage that was done.