Another Discovered Planet with Liquid Iron Rain

Shaney Guadalupe

In Washington, Scientist have found rare planet outside the Milky Way. It is like nothing seen before. The rain on the planet is made out of hot liquid. The researches said while they used planet-hunting ESPRESSO instrument, they they observe a planet called WASP-76b locates about 640 light years away from Earth. It is almost twice as big as Jupiter. And it’s planet star, which is twice as big as the sun. The same side of the planet always faces the star. It’s just like the moon always faces the Earth. The side of the planet that gets the “day-light” is extremely hot it reaches 4,350 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of heat could melt metal. The wind takes the iron vapor to the much cooler side of the planet and turns into liquid Iron droplets almost like lava rain. According to University of Geneva’s astronomer David Ehrenreich,”Molten iron rains may be unique feature of these ‘ultra-hot’ exoplanet. The extreme atmospheric conditions met in WASP-76b and its sibling, other ‘ultra-hot’ gas giants, are not found anywhere in our solar system and would be very difficult to reproduce in the lab.