Bathroom Passes

Madison Houck, Writer


The reason students need a bathroom pass is because school staff need to know where and when you were out the room and what time you went. I personally don’t like it because when girls need to go to the bathroom (when they are on there you know what), and they run out of bathroom passes, how will they get to the bathroom?  And what if boys need to use it. What will happen to them? They just go to the bathroom with no pass or not go at all? What if it’s an emergency and you lose it? Will you get in trouble for walking out of class? Here are some opinions from my classmates. Peyton says she ‘’does not like bringing them to the bathroom because they can get gross bacteria’’ Zarion says he also ‘’does not like bringing them to the bathroom because we need to bring them in the stalls with us.’’ Sammyr said, “we should get bathroom passes that should be able to wipe down.’’ I think we should just not have bathroom passes because they are very unsanitary. I also think we don’t need them because we are turning into adults. We should not be told we are not allowed to go to the bathroom when we should be allowed to.