Innocent Woman Shot and KIlled in Her Home On September 13th

Mackenzie VanSickle


Kyle Beavors ,17, Shot and Killed an innocent woman in her home on September 13th. Sheriff Chris Nocco Believes This Was a Targeted Act

On Irene Loop of Trouble Creek Rd. Police officers were called at 1:30am on September 13th for a homicide. Security footage from a nearby house caught Beavors and three unknown suspects approaching the home. Beavors and one of the other suspects stood a foot away from their bedroom window where the woman and her husband were watching television. The family was cautious because the night before at 5am there was a drive by shooting at their home. Around the same time, the other two suspects walked to the back of the house and broke the son’s window one of them cutting themselves in the process. That is when Beavors grabbed his gun and shot 11 rounds through the window.


The Victim’s husband, not knowing his wife was killed,  got up grabbed his gun and went to check on his kids. Once he knew they were safe, he went outside. He saw two boys behind the car searching for something in the grass.


The husband then grabs his gun making Beavors and the other suspect run. He fires a couple of shots, one hitting Beavors in the leg, making him fall before he got back up to run again. Police located the Beavors at 1:54am on the other side of Irene Loop. The other suspects have not been caught at this time.


Police believe they were targeted because of the drive by the day before. There ongoing theory is they were there for the woman’s son which is 16. The son was not home during the shooting. The son hasn’t told the dad or police why the juveniles targeted the family.


According to sheriff Nocco, “Several of the suspect have already fled, two of them were looking in the grass. We have a very few suspicions of why they were looking in the grass. Its’s part of the investigation. But they were looking in the grass rummaging.”