The Aftermath of Hurricane Sally

Traya Bence, writer

Hurricane Sally is one of the hurricanes that have hit the east coast in 2020. The hurricane originated in the Atlantic Ocean then made its way to the gulf coast. Hurricane Sally made landfall in the United States on September 16, it was predicted to hit the majority of Florida but then hit Alabama and made its way into the states. It has already hit Alabama and Florida, the flooding is very dangerous, and the residents are panicking. According to CNN Hundreds of people near the Florida-Alabama border were being rescued from floodwaters brought on by Sally on Wednesday and authorities fear many more could be in danger in coming days”. They also reported that they had 4 months in 4 hours. According to Ginny Cranor, chief of the Pensacola Fire Department, “We had 30 inches of rain in Pensacola — 30-plus inches of rain — which is four months of rain in four hours,”The flooding was so bad that more than 300 people had to be rescued, 2 deaths have been due to the hurricane and half a million people now have no running electricity due to hurricane Sally. Now that hurricane Sally has passed a new threat in the gulf developed, according to USA Today With parts of the Alabama coast and Florida Panhandle still reeling from Hurricane Sally, a hurricane watch was in effect Saturday for a 300-mile stretch of Texas coast as Tropical Storm Beta slowly strengthens in the Gulf of Mexico and drifts toward the northeast”.