Mysterious Car Fires Across The United States

Mackenzie VanSickle, Journalist

   In Maryland, Nebraska, Michigan, and Florida firefighters have been recently getting a lot of calls about car fires.  Bodies have been found inside of these cars. Police have not stated if they are connected.  


   In Maryland on September 6th, Firefighters were called to a car fire around midnight. Once they arrived on the scene, they noticed a man inside the car. This man has not been Identified. This man was in the front seat of the car. The car was noticed by a nearby neighbor. He was found on Southbound Branch Avenue and Surratt’s Road. According to the police the car was not registered to this man. There is still an ongoing investigation about the car fire. 


   Ten days later in Nebraska on September 16th at 7am firefighters were called out to a car fire. This car fire was near Plattsmouth airport. The man that was found was Jesse A Pratt.  He was a 39-year-old from a nearing neighborhood called Omaha. He was found in the backseat of the car. This is also an ongoing investigation; they are looking to see if any foul play is involved. 


   Then in Florida on September 21st firefighters were called to a fire near Twin Brooks golf course off 22nd Avenue and 41st Street in St. Petersburg.  The car that was found on fire was on a trail that was not accessible for cars just pedestrians and bikes. This had to make firefighters to wait for the flames to go out on their own because they couldn’t get into the trail to put out the fire themselves. Once the fire was out firefighters open the trunk and noticed a body. This person was found beyond unrecognizable. According to an officer on scene this is an ongoing investigation for homicide and arson. 


   Finally, in Michigan on September 22nd firefighters got a call around 1 am for a bush fire. Once the arrived they noticed it was a car fire. Once the fire was out, they noticed a person in the front seat. This man was shot in the head killing him and then put on fire to cover up the evidence. This happened on Hazzelatt Street and Tireman Drive in Detroit in an abandoned neighborhood were only a couple of people live. This is an ongoing investigation.