Unsanitary Practices at School

Madison Houck, Writer


When I’m in my 4th period in room 256 we have computers to take zooms all day every day. We do sanitize the stuff we touch, well not everything. We use headphones but they don’t get sanitized at all. It’s gross. I personally think the school should provide every student that has this class with their own headphones. We are getting cross contamination because they don’t clean the headphones. When the person in the class makes us clean the laptops the rags are not really wet or have a little spray on it. Imagine all the kids that come and go in this class all day and every day without really cleaning them. Students have opinions about us using the headphones knowing they aren’t being cleaned properly. Zarion, a senior at Gulf says “ I honestly don’t feel comfortable with students cross contaminating each other using the headphones. I doubt that anyone on campus takes time to clean them all efficiently when they must clean floors, desk, doors, and other school equipment.” Hailey a freshman says ‘’ why are we having to wear masks if we are sharing headphones.’’ Tara Schmidt a junior says ‘’ half of the headphones have one working and they are used a lot that they are falling apart. Alyssa Maske, another junior says ‘’ they fall apart hold way too much bacteria and people use them during the day and never cleaned half the time they are broken.’’ Could this be the reason we are seeing so many new cases of Covid-19 here at school?