Woman Recalls Being Beaten By 2 Strangers in Boston

Raven Haengel, Photographer, Writer

In Dorchester, Massachusetts on September 29th, 2020:  

A woman from Boston named Vanessa Louis says to have been beaten by two strangers after she refused to give the two a dollar bill. The two strangers were identified as women and to have been posing as panhandlers. Louis was attacked near the Flames III Jamaican Restaurant on Blue Hill Avenue between Dorchester and Roxbury sometime last week. After Louis declined to give the women the dollar bill, they demanded Louis leave the area. The women started assaulting Louis after she said she was not going to leave the area. “I felt like I was gonna die at one point. I started to pray, like, ‘Alright, I don’t think I’m gonna make it through this,” she said.“They said that I needed to leave their territory, their neighborhood. I said, ‘no,’ and then they just started assaulting me. I got kicked in the head. I got punched in the head. I got my hair ripped out. My head hit the concrete multiple times when they shoved me down.” Louis was left with scars and a chunk of her hair in a bag, to remind others of what happened to her. “If that was an elderly person, they would not have made it through that. If that was a younger child, like a 12-year-old, they wouldn’t have made it,” Louis said. “What if that was your child and someone did that to them?” Louis asked. “Just because maybe they didn’t look like you or sound like you or have the same background as you. That doesn’t mean they can’t have lunch somewhere. That’s crazy.” The two women were charged by Boston police with aggravated assault after a witness of the attack contacted the police. It is unknown whether this is a targeted attack or not.