3 Year Old Killed in Drive By Shooting in Orange County

Mackenzie VanSickle, Journalist

 On September 22nd a 3-year-old named Daquane James Felix was shot in a drive by shooting in orange county.  This is the outcome of the rival gangs at war in that area. 

   Daquane James Felix was a 3-year-old boy who was shot in the head while he was playing inside of his home. He lived on 4400 block of Bexel Avenue near North Lake in Orange County. His grandma had told the police it sounded what was like firecrackers going off outside of her home. She then went to go check on Daquane, when she entered the living room, she saw him lying on the ground shot in the head. Police were call around 9:20pm to a shooting. While arriving on scene they pronounce Daquane as DOA. There were bullet holes all throughout the house. In the front door, windows, and the walls. An unknown woman was heard screaming and crying saying, “They killed my baby”.  

  This is not the first time a child was killed because of the gang violence in this community.  The day before a 14-year-old was also killed his name was Joshua Atkinson. They also left a 15-year-old critically injured, there name has not been announced to the public. 

  Daquane’s Grandmother said “An evil person, a nasty person, Somebody with no heart. It’s scary, I can’t sleep in this house no more. It’s just scary.” 

   According to WFTV Channel 9 news the Sherriff office stated, “two gangs are at war in Pine Hills, an innocent people are getting caught in the middle.” 

  Orange county police department have a reward for 5,000 for any information just call 800-423-TIPS