No Masks At Stores

Some people work from home because they need to, or they just don’t feel safe working out of their home. My aunt is a teacher and she hated working at home. She wanted to go back to school but she was not able to. My cousin’s grandma is scared to go back because she has severe health issues and she does not want to get sick. I wish this pandemic was not going on because it is just like the flu, but everyone is making it such a big deal. School you need masks because you are not outside and we are not socially distanced, but we are not really working with groups. In the cafeteria during lunch you can only take it off if you are eating When you finish you put it right back on. When somebody needs to sneeze, they tell us to sneeze in our masks. That is so gross. When we are doing school sports, we should be allowed to take our masks off if we are socially distanced. Perhaps we should get the Pasco Health Department all together on zoom so they can talk about masks at school. Some teachers stay at their desk and don’t come near us because we need to be distanced.