Coronavirus Deaths Increase

Traya Bence, Writer

The Coronavirus is the virus that has caused a worldwide pandemic, it was first discovered in 2019 and ever since then its caused chaos. Since the first reported death in Wuhan, there has been 1 million deaths due to covid-19. According to the Washington Post “One million people have died of covid-19. That’s as many as live in San Jose, Calif.; Volgograd, Russia; or Qom, Iran”. Many people believe this million-death toll could’ve been avoided if the leaders of the countries took charge to help prevent it from spreading, according to The New York Times “Time and again, experts say, governments reacted too slowly, waiting until their own countries or regions were under siege, either dismissing the threat or seeing it as China’s problem, or Asia’s, or Italy’s, or Europe’s, or New York’s”. This virus had killed more people than the deadliest viruses we already know about and have studied for many years, according to The New York Times “More than H.I.V. More than dysentery. More than malaria, influenza, cholera and measles — combined. In the 10 months since a mysterious pneumonia began striking residents of Wuhan, China, Covid-19 has killed more than one million people worldwide”. Now in Florida more than 200 deaths and 86 hospitalizations have been reported and this is mainly due to the less restrictions in place. In the end hitting the million-death toll mark could have been prevented if there were more safety measures in place.