The Struggle of Being an Entrepreneur

Mackenzie VanSickle, Journalist

   Being an entrepreneur may seem perfect, having no boss and working at your own time and pace. Owning a business takes a lot of work and you are constantly coming head to head with problems. 

 Money is the biggest struggle you will have to deal with. The price of your product, the price of shipping, and having to remake an order if it breaks in shipping or doesn’t come out perfect. These are all factors for how much you should charge for an item. If it is too low, you won’t be making any money from an order. If it’s too high the less likely it will be for someone to buy the product.  It must be just right for you and the costumer. 

 Post offices charge a lot of money for priority shipping, this type of shipping cost a lot of money, but it is the best. Costumer will receive their items three days, The Post Office, however, has a lot of box rules and shipping requirements and the shipping prices are outrageous. Also, during shipping your product can break. The Post Office will not pay for repairs so you are left with having to fix the product and ship it again with your own money despite this costumer may want refunds. 

“At USPS they have a lot of box rules and shipping policiesI didn’t know this until I went to ship out a box I already had, and it was fifty dollars, I now print my own labels for cheaper.” Said Delayne Sorey, a local entrepreneur that graduated from Gulf High School. She is the owner of D&Z Creations on Facebook. 

Sorey also said “My biggest struggle is being a perfectionist, making sure everything is my standard before they are shipped out”