Bad Bunny X Crocs Collaboration

Sara Grace Medina, Writer

If you’re a big Crocs fan then you probably know by now Crocs does many collaborations with different brands/ people some of their most recent ones were Kentucky Fried Chicken, Vera Bradley and the newest one Bad Bunny. The singer Bad Bunny is collaborating with Crocs on a pair of classic clogs but with a twist… these Crocs will glow in the dark! So will the Jibbitz charms, the Jibbitz are all based off of the singers hit YHLQMDLG album. These charms though will definitely remind you of those glow in the dark stars you would stick to the top of your childhood bedroom ceiling. You get to style these Crocs yourself by adding which Jibbitz you want to add on the Crocs when you buy them. These Crocs were $60 but if you were looking to get your hands on them, they already sold out 16 minutes after they were released. Now resellers are selling these Crocs for over $200. Bad Bunny said in an email to the New York Times “I am always trying to be comfortable” he proceeds to say “It isn’t something that I suddenly decided to do, be comfortable. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. I always like to feel good with what I have on.” Overall he is very happy how popular these shoes became.