Deputies Say They Found Child Abuse Victim While Answering Pasco Fire Call

Raven Haengel, Photographer, Writer

On October 6th, 2020 in Spring Hill, Florida: Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputies responded with Fire Rescue to an arson call south of the Hernando County State Line and were presented a grimmer case. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco arrested 36-year-old Kelley Lynne Davis and 37-year-old Daniel Andrew Davis, who have been charged with aggravated child abuse for locking one of their younger kids in their rooms for 11-12 hours while having no electricity or chances to go to the bathroom, leaving the room covered in feces and no lights, even the windows and doors were boarded up. Detectives have said that Mr. Davis “freely admitted, without hesitation, that the dogs in the household had more freedom and better living conditions than the victim.” Nocco replies to FOX 13“Solitary confinement is much better treatment than what this child went through,” Nocco also said to FOX 13, “As a father, as a human being, I don’t understand how someone could do this.” Detectives say the couple put the child in confinement for misbehaving. The other children in the home, range from ages of a couple of months to 10-years-oldPolice have come to this families home many times and have had conversations with the child. The Davises claim the child has behavioral issues. Every call about this family, the caller would hang up. Nocco said to the Tampa Bay Times, “There’s nothing that has risen up to the level to say we could have known what was going on inside that house,” The child was given a pack of matches from another sibling and used them to light the only mattress in the child’s room to escape the abuse. Out of the five children, who were all girls, only the one was treated so badly. The State Department of Children and Families has intervened to help the children and are now in protective custody.