Boys in Montreal are wearing Skirts to school in a Protest against Sexism and Girls Dress Code. Should Gulf High do the Same

Mackenzie VanSickle, Journalist

At a Montreal High Schoolboy are wearing skirts to school to protest dress code and sexism. The girls at this school are writing on themselves to also help the protest.  This all started when one of the boys wore a skirt to school, on arrival he was taken to the principal’s office even though it wasn’t in the rules he wasn’t allowed to wear it. He states that this protest is for both girls and boys. 

Benjamin Royz a student at Collage Sainte-Anne states, “I asked myself a couple of questions about today’s society and I really think girls shouldn’t be sexualized for what they wear, or how they wear, so I decided to wear a skirt to symbolize the movement.” 

At Gulf High School, the dress code is mainly targeted at what women shouldn’t wear and most of boy’s dress code is headwear. The girls are told to not wear tank tops because the shoulders are too distracting, they are also told to not wear leggings without a long enough shirt that covers the butt. Most of the things on the boys dress code is to not wear head coverings inside the building.  

According to Sara Flowers, a Gulf High Sophomore, “I hate it, Girls aren’t allowed to wear certain things because they are considered distracting. I don’t understand how clothes can be distracting.”