Man Dangling from Trump Tower For 13 Hours Demanding to talk to President Trump

Mackenzie VanSickle, Journalist


An unidentified man was hanging by a rope from Trumps Tower in Chicago. He demanded to talk to President Trump. After 13 hours of hanging he is now safe and in custody. 

An Asian man went live on Facebook while dangling from the 16th floor of Chicago’s Trump Tower on 401n Wabash Ave Monday the 19th. This man was dangling by a rope, he threatened to cut himself lose if someone were to pull on the rope.  

While he was live, he stated, “I’m a member of Black Live Matter and I wanna talk to Mr. Trump before the election. I don’t wanna die, if someone will try and pull this rope I will jump and die. I have a knife if someone will try and pull, I will cut it and I will probably die.”  That man later in the video said “Everyone who knows me knows I am not crazy, I’m not crazy. I’m a well-educated guy but if trump Mr. Trump Mr. Trump if you think I’m crazy, I’m not crazy, and if you will not talk with me, I will cut it and I will die, but this will be in your responsibility”. 

A Chicago Police Negotiator Detective Hector Matias went onto the roof to try and convince the man to come back up to safety. The man surrenders and climbed back up to safety. Once he was on the roof three police officer put him in custody.  

According to NBC News Matis stated, “It was extremely Challenging, It was something we had to take our time and patience with” He also stated There’s different tactics in our toolbox that we utilize, and I think today we probably utilized every single one of them.”