Philadelphia Had a Spike of Protests After the Death of Walter Wallace

Mackenzie VanSickle, Journalist

The death of Walter Wallace caused chaos in Philadelphia streets on Monday the 26th.  Rioting left 30 cops injured and 33 people arrested. 

Walter Wallace, a 27-year-old black man was killed on October 26 at 4pm. Wallace confronted officers at scene with a knife. Police were trying to de-escalate the problem. After a couple of seconds, the officers shot at him Infront of his family. Wallace was shot multiple times. He died in the hospital later that day. 

That night at 6 pm protesters flooded the streets, starting riots. They were breaking into stores, looting, and even setting cars on fire. The police sergeant received a call for a problem on 52nd and Walnut St. When she left her car, she was then hit by a black pickup truck. The sergeant’s only injury was a broken leg. They found the car in an alleyway filled with stolen item from nearby stores. That night 30 officers were injured, and 33 citizens were arrested.  

Jada Hilton a neighbor of Walter Wallace stated “you could have pulled out a taser, you could have shot him in the leg. “when talking about what the police should have done.  

The Mayor Jim Kenny states, “the video presents difficult questions that must be answered.” He later stated, “I look forward to a speedy and transparent resolution for the sake of Mr. Wallace, his family, the officers, and for Philadelphia.”