Armed Man Killed By Police in New Port Richey Pub

Raven Haengel, Photographer, Writer

In New Port Richey, Florida on November 6, 2020: 56-year-old Guy Bradly Able, was killed by police officers after a call about an “unwanted guest” talking about shooting people and threatening to shoot people as they were walking inside,” at Sullivan’s Boulevard Lounge, to which it became escalated after Able drew a gun at police while being confronted. Officers tried contacting Able while within the lounge but Able had other plans. According to Chief of Police Kim Bogart, it was said the details of the shooting were scarce and the identity of the man was not announced at the timeBogart also said that there was not any evidence of Able firing shots at the police. According to WFLA, Able was taken to North Bay Hospital, to which he succumbed to gunshot wounds. Bogart put two of the officers involved, whose identities stay private, on administrative leave for at least 3 days, following the procedure of using deadly force. Bogart also said that neither of the police officers were wearing body cameras, despite city officials approving $264,000 or more for 40 body cameras and 13 police car cameras, while also claiming they did not arrive at the time of this incident. According to the Tampa Bay Times, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office were asked to investigate the shooting and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office were able to supply crime scene technicians to help with the investigation. Due to this, the New Port Richey Police Department will not be able to conduct its own investigation.