Pasco Deputies Search for Creeper in Holiday

Raven Haengel, Photographer, Writer

On November 18th, 2020 in Pasco County, Florida: This incident happened around November 9th in the early hours of the morning. A woman, whose identity remains private, was at her home in Lake Estates, when a man started to look through her window and perform sexual or lewd acts on himself in front of her. WFLA interviewed the woman’s brother, who will only go by Jamesto protect his sister’s identity. James noted that “She woke up frantic, she went crazy. She was screaming and so forth,” and “She was frantic, and she said there was a guy that was outside her window filming himself and exposing himself and it’s kind of sent her into a rant because she felt violated.” Amanda Hunter, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, noted the man had very distinct tattoos and “Across his stomach, he has what appears to be a rifle and as well as the name Amanda.” The neighbors are now on edge, due to the incident. Nichole Ellis lives with her son and said to WFLA “It’s scary because they could break in…they could come in and mess with my son or me,” Ellis had a similar incident that happened around her home, “We’ve had that before. Right here. We had a lady clearly intoxicated on something in our driveway screaming. 5 O’clock in the morning. Woke us up.” Pasco County Sheriff’s Department wishes anybody who has information on the suspect to please call and give any info to help anybody who has fallen victim to this crime