Gulf High School Law Enforcement Conducts Search and Enacts a Controlled Campus Due to Suspected Weapon

Peyton Feldman, Writer

 Peyton Feldman 

Mrs. Seltzer 

Period 4  


 On Thursday around fourth period which happens to be my journalism class the announcements blared out that students needed to stay inside their classes since the school was put under a controlled campusOriginally, I was annoyed, hungry, and was unsure what was going on. Teachers and students had equal knowledge of what was going on which was next to nothing. Me and my friends speculated there was a fight, but it soon became apparent that it was more serious when an hour passed, and cops showed up at mine and every other class to check our bags and pat us down 

A couple of students got caught with drugs but according to the Gulf High School official website Mr. Morgenstein stated “No weapon was found, and we have resumed lunch and end of day classes. At no time were our students or staff in any danger”. Since the incident I’ve heard in on rumors that the gun threat was a prank gone wrong and others about a kid bringing in a BB gun. 

After 2 hours I never thought I’d see the light of day again, was already planning on splitting snack rations as an attempt to guilt my friends into giving me food, playing among and charades with friends, getting my eyebrows plucked, and watching Minecraft videos. The search rolled on all day and by the end of it I was half awake, but I’ve never been so excited to eat mediocre school food. Thankfully GHS police’s precautionary procedures were put into place to be 100% sure everyone was safe just in case the results of the investigation turned out differently. 

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