The Passing of Voice Actor Brad Venable

Logan Boehm

Brad Venable, a voice actor with not the most well-known roles, has been a beacon of light and support for those in the voice acting community, as he was always shown and said to be an extremely kind and appreciative person, not finding it hard to make friends at all. He was loved by nearly everyone who knew him, including his wife Katheryne, of 10 years and ongoing, and on January 7th, 2021, he passed away at age 43. Known mostly for his roles as Griffin and Nightmare in Devil May Cry 5, Clay in Pokémon Masters, and Kostas in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, alongside a large amount of additional voice roles, his passing went far from unnoticed by the voice acting community. Once the news had reached them, the large community of them began mourning him on Twitter, starting with just posting a candle emoji in solemnity along with some telling their followers to tell the people close to them that they love them. After the news was officially released, some of the VAs, such as Erica Mendez and Chris Hackney began sharing small stories about him and telling everyone just how bright he shined despite everything. He was a pillar of happiness and support in the voice acting community, and his sudden passing blindsided everyone, as nobody even came close to expecting it. This was met with some rude backlash, however, as some Twitter users were saying things like “Oh, I’m glad it wasn’t my favorite voice actor!”, which has been stated by plenty of the community that saying things like that is downright rude, as it diminishes the value of the one who did die. Regardless of that though, no cause of death was determined, and one still hasn’t been determined even still, a little over a week later. We can only hope that he died peacefully, and that this wasn’t some kind of malicious and sick act. May he rest in peace, and never be forgotten.