Jeffery Dahmer: The Milwaukee Cannibal

Mackenzie VanSickle

Jeffery Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His parents’ names were Joyce and Lionel Dahmer. Jeffery was the oldest son of two younger brothers.
Growing up Jeffery witnessed his parents constantly arguing. He household was always filled with tension and hate. The family moved to Ohio in October 1966. Jeffery started to enjoy things children his age typically did not. His hobbies started with dismembering insects and preserving their bodies. As he gotten older, the insects started to turn into roadkill. His father Lionel had said that his love for dismembering the bodies of animal started is when they first moved into their new house. Lionel had to go under the house, and that is when he had found animal bones. Dahmer had loved the sound the bones had made when the hit each other. Once in high school Dahmer had started to drink alcohol and even bring it to school, his grades started to slip also. Dahmer was also on the school’s tennis team and in band. Dahmer was also a class clown and liked to pull pranks on people, it was called when he pulled his pranks “doing a Dahmer.” Dahmer would act this way so he could attract attention to himself. In 1977 Dahmer life started to go downhill, this was the year his parents had gotten a divorce. His grades started to slip, and his alcohol problem became worse. Around this time, Dahmer had noticed that all his guy friends started to date girls. Dahmer had realized he had not like women the same way as his friends did, but instead he liked guys.
In June 1918, his mom had moved out of town and his father had moved into a motel. He was usually home alone. One day when Dahmer was driving around town, he noticed a Hitchhiker, he asked him if he would like to go back to his place and drink and party. The Hitchhiker accepted. The Hitchhiker name is Steven Hicks, and he would be Dahmer’s first victim. Dahmer and Hick’s went back to Dahmer house, they drank and listened to music. Steven asked Dahmer if he could take him home, but Dahmer did not want him to leave so he grew agitated and hit Hicks in the head with a barbell two times and them when he was passed out, he struggled him. Dahmer then dismembered Hicks body and put him in a plastic bag and buried him behind his family’s home. Two weeks later, Dahmer re-dug up his body and took the skin from the bones put them in acid then flushed it down the toilet, With the bones he had crushed them up with a sledgehammer and poured them like ashes in the wooden ravine behind his house.
After his first murder Dahmer father had come back home with his new fiancé. He had noticed that Dahmer has not been doing okay so he enlisted him in AA meetings and therapy. He had entered Ohio State University, he dropped out three months later because he had a 0.45 GPA. Dahmer after dropping out enlisted into the army for six years. He later was honorable discharged after only two years because of his alcohol problem. Later, two other men came out and said that Dahmer had sexually assaulted them. After the military Dahmer moved to Miami Florida. He had worked at a sandwich shop and lived in a motel. Since he had an alcohol problem a couple of months later Dahmer had to call his father and asked for money. Instead of money he had gave him a plane ticket home. When he had gotten home, he lived with his grandmother in West Allis, Wisconsin. He had started to turn his life around, he had even stop drinking alcohol for a while. That changed when he had gone to a library and a guy there had asked him to go home with him. After that he had started to go to bars and drug guys drinks then go home with them. In the morning he would be gone.
One night, Dahmer went to the bars and met a guy named Steven Tuomi. Dahmer had met Tuomi at a local bar called 219 in November of 1987. Dahmer and Tuomi had left the bar and went back to the hotel Dahmer had bought for the night. When Dahmer had woken up the next day, he noticed that his hands were bruised and that Tuomi was dead under the bed. Dahmer had noted that this kill was not planed, he had only wanted to sexually assault him. Dahmer went to a store, bought a huge suitcase, and put Tuomi body inside. He brought the suitcase to his grandma’s house and dismember his body. He had decapitated Tuomi body and tried to preserve it, he was unsuccessful. He liked to keep the body parts of the people he had killed as a trophy of some sort.
Dahmer later met James Dater, a fourteen-year-old boy he had met waiting for the bus. Dahmer had offered to give him fifty dollars to spend the night with him. Dater had accepted. The two had some physical interaction. Dahmer then drugged Dater and strangled him to death. Instead of dismembering the body he keeps the body for as long as possible. The body had stayed healthy for two weeks.
Dahmer had then met Richard Guerro at another bar. Dahmer had offered Guerro money to go home with him. Once they were both at his grandma’s house, Dahmer had strangled Guerro and he then after the body started to decompose, he dismembered the body and put it in the trash cans for the body to be collected from the garbage collectors. His grandma kicked Dahmer out because he had started to come home late and drunk with men. He then moved to an apartment on the west side of Milwaukee. Dahmer had then met a thirteen-year-old boy around his apartment sidewalk, he invited the boy into his house where he then sexually assaulted the boy. The boy then ran off. Dahmer was charged with a two-degree sexual assault charge with one year in jail. Ten days before Dahmer was arrested, he had met a man named Anthony Sears. They had he drugged and strangled Sears.
Lionel Dahmer at the end of Jeffery sentencing had asked the judge if he could place Jeffery into a rehab to help with his drinking problem. The judge declined. Once Jeffery was out of jail, he moved into an apartment close to bars. Three weeks after being released went on a killing spree, killing thirteen people in one year.
Dahmer then met a fourteen-year-old boy named Konarka Sinthasomphone. After drugging Sinthasomphone he went to the store to get some alcohol, Sinthasomphone wont up terrified and ran outside with no clothes on. One of Dahmer neighbor called the police officers. Once the police officers arrived Dahmer had seen the commotion and told them that Sinthasomphone was his boyfriend and he had too much to drink that night. Police had thought that Sinthasomphone was older then fourteen, so they did not think anything of it. That night Dahmer murdered Sinthasomphone.
Dahmer had killed so many people that bodies had started to pile up in this apartment. He went to the store and bought a fixity seven-pound drum. He then cut up the bodies of his victims, only adding the torsos of his victims in the drum. He then filled the drum with acid that dissolved the bodies. He keeps some of the skin of his victims which he had started to cook and eat, not only making him a necrophiliac but also a cannibal.
In 1991, Dahmer had met Tracy Edwards. Dahmer convinced him to come back to his apartment with him. Once Edwards entered the apartment, he had known that he had to leave right away. Edwards luckily got out of the apartment and he noticed a police car driving by. Edwards waved down the police officer and told them about Dahmer. The officer had called for backup, once the police went into the apartment, they had noticed eighty-three polaroid photos of dismembered body parts. One officer opened the fridge and found the body parts of Dahmer’s victims.
Dahmer had murdered seventeen men and had written a one hundred- and fifty-seven-page confession. In 1994 in the prison’s gym, he was stabbed by a fellow parishioner. Dahmer had died that same day.