Democrats Introduce Bill That Will Increase Minimum Wage to $15 by 2025

Peyton Feldman, Writer

By Peyton Feldman 


Bernie Sanders upcoming chair of the Senate budget committee promises he will persist in passing a bill raising the national minimum wage to $15

Democrats in Congress are seeking to increase hourly minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour gradually in increments over the next 5 years. The measure introduces a way to ensure wages correlate with inflation without requiring new legislation. However, in order to pass the bill the legislation is going to need Republican support. That will be tough since raising the minimum wage faces tons of opposition from the Republicans and to overcome a filibuster requires support from all 50 Democrats and 10 Republicans. Bernie Sanders mentioned on Tuesday that if he was unable to get enough Republicans to vote he would fight as the incoming chair of the senate budget committee to either through budget reconciliation, by a simple majority vote in the Senate”  

The House has passed similar bills in the past like one to raise minimum wage to $15 dollars but lawmakers from rural areas raised disarray about it hindering small businesses. According to NBC news “The Congressional Budget Office found in 2019 that increasing the federal minimum wage would, in 2025, boost the earnings of 17 million workers who would otherwise make less, possibly increase wages for about 10 million others, and raise about 1.3 million people above the poverty threshold. But, according to the analysis, another 1.3 million other workers would become jobless. 


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Democrats push $15 minimum wage bill (