A Surprise to the Super Bowl

Autumn Cleary, Staff Writer

Jace Ward a 21-year-old with DIPG a rare brain cancer got surprised by Anthony Sherman A Chiefs player. According to Wibw.com, his mom Lisa told him they were hopping on a Zoom call with a hospital to take an exit survey. Little did he know, CBS’ Jay Feely was there to surprise him with two tickets to the Super Bowl from Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman. Freely said ‘’I got a little buddy of mine, his name is Anthony Sherman, he plays fullback for the Chiefs, and he wants to give you two tickets,” Jace has received a new experimental treatment for his cancer which has shrunk his tumor 25 percent. He will celebrate 2 years this spring which only 5 percent of patients with DIPG achieve. But before he even goes to the game he has been flown to Tampa on a private jet, Been fishing, and even ate at Legendary’s Berns Steak House.