So, You Want to Get a Job?

The person labeled “1” is a local recruiter at a career fair, who has helped future students apply for jobs and teaching them their benefits. The person labeled “2” is a dropped-out student who wishes better for his future.

1- “So, you want to start thinking about getting a job in the business industry?”

2- “Yes. I am an inspiring young-minded person willing to think about my future deems to my life and possibly the lives of others, but especially considering my life for what it is and what I’ll do for my future.”

1- “Okay, that sounds great! I’m glad that you’re considering your future adulthood for what it is and that you may think about getting a head start. So, tell me what made you think of getting a job this early?”

2- “Well, I wanted to start thinking about getting paid. That’s what everyone gets a job for, right? Getting paid?”

1- “That’s right. According to a local survey, most people look for jobs just for the good pay so they can independently support themselves or start thinking about raising a future family. But there’s more reasons to find a likable job than just to get paid, like pursuing their dream careers.”

2- “Whatever. I just wanted to get paid early. Or start thinking about creating a savings account, so that I can think about other future stuff.”

1- “May I ask you to be more specific on ‘future stuff’? Like making a college fund, thinking about owning a nice house, or something else?”

2- “I want to make some money so I can buy all the video games and other stuff I want. My parents don’t want to buy the stuff I ask them for, and they call me ‘lazy’, and they told me to ‘get a job’. So that’s why.”

1- “Oh, okay. Tell me then, how old are you?”

2- “I’m only 17-years-old. Why does that matter?”

1- “Well, considering your very early age, it might be a little difficult to find a business where they accept people like your age for manual labor. Do you go to schooling?”

2- “No, I don’t.”

1- “So you dropped out of your high school? May I ask why?”

2- “See the classes are too boring for me. And they’re too hard. I didn’t want to write all these useless essays or papers that will show my teachers that I have knowledge about some dead guy and will accomplish nothing in my future for knowing this stuff. Like taxes, y’know? You can’t go through life without knowing how to properly file your taxes.”

1- “While it is true that you cannot live through adulthood without knowing how to file your taxes, it should’ve been something that you can ask your parents about. School mentally and physically challenge you, so that you can expand your mind into bigger things. Besides, not all of the course material they give you is considerably ‘useless’. For example, how can you fluently speak English or know how to count and multiply numbers together without going to school?”

2- “Whatever. I just want to start making money. Is that hard to understand?”

1- “That’s fine. Is there a certain career you want to apply for?”

2- “No. There are too many options. I just want a job.”

1- “Well you can’t really say that ‘you just want a job’ on your resume and expect to be hired. Besides, you’re in a career fair. You’re here to learn about what assortment on future endeavors and hobbies are here for you and why you should take advantage of each one.”

2- “Whatever. Cyber security sounds cool. How about that one?”

1- “That’s a good choice. Their industry is actually on a need for people just out of high school. They’re that desperate for new employees. You just need the correct certain qualifications if you want to expect them to hire you. Do you have acceptable knowledge in basic and advanced math and coding?”

2- “No. That sounds too hard. Math is too hard for me. Can I still get a job in cyber security?”

1- “Your recruiters won’t see you as a proactive employee if you don’t meet the qualifications needed for the position. They can’t hire you if you just tell them that you want a job. They are looking for employees that are worth the offering salary.”

2- “But they need people for that immediately you said. They’re desperate you said. Plus, I can just learn what this job is all about through training.”

1- “Yes, I did say that. But please realize that they look for qualifying employees that already have a basic understanding of the skills required to handle that career. They are not going to teach you about those basic skills through training. They are going to train you to keep your proactivity up in a fast-paced environment. They’re a business. They care about profits and dream about becoming a monopoly.”

2- “Whatever. Then find me another job then.”

1- “I’m not going to do that for you. That’s something you’ll have to figure for yourself. You mentioned earlier that you dropped out of high school? So, you have no certified educational requirements? Like a GED?”

2- “GED? Oh! Yes. I managed to pass my GED course. It was a long and difficult task. Why was it so difficult in the first place?”

1- “Well you see, GED courses are supposed to challenge your skills of completing an entire 4-year high school career in under 1 year.”

2- “Whatever. What does this mean for me?”

1- “With this certification, you’ll be able to successfully apply to some businesses. Although, your benefits will be a bit smaller than those who graduated with a high school diploma.”

2- “So where can I apply?”

1- “Well, first-timers are sometimes told that you should start applying at a fast-food industry. It is easy to access and apply.”

2- “No! I don’t want to work at a fast-food place! They’re stupid! People will make fun of me and think that I’m stupid.”

1- “While it is possible that working in a fast-food industry will come with having ‘bad reputations’, just remember that you’re employed and they’re not.”

2- “Oh. I didn’t think of that actually. I guess I can laugh at their faces now, can I?”

1- “You’re going to be in a professional environment. Thinking too casually will not make you appear in a ‘good reputation’.”

2- “Fine. I guess I will apply for Burger King or something… I don’t feel like applying for McDonalds, as they have stupid people there.”

1- “Alright then. I wish you good luck on your sublime interview. Have a good day.”