Wisconsin Pharmacist Who Attempted Destroying COVID 57 Vaccine Vials Pleads Guilty

Peyton Feldman, Writer

Peyton Feldman 

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Steven Brandenburg a 46-year-old Wisconsin pharmacist with Advocate Aurora Health was arrested in on Grafton on Thursday after 57 vials of Moderna coronavirus vaccines were tampered with. Brandenburg is a conspiracy theorist and believe the vaccines can alter a person’s DNA, so he removed doses from his pharmacy’s refrigerator two separate occasions for 12 hours spoiling the numerous doses, so they were impotentprobable cause statement by Grafton police Detective Sgt. Eric Sutherland stated each vial contained 10 doses; in total the material was worth $8,550 to $11,400. According to NBC news “Brandenburg was initially booked on suspicion of recklessly endangering safety, adulterating a prescription drug and criminal damage to property.”  

This wasn’t Brandenburg’s first time messing with medicine prosecutors alleged him with swapping saline solution for a flu vaccine he was required to take as part of his employment and convinced his coworker to do the same. Prosecutors wrote in their request to remand “He “had no compunctions about violating rules intended to protect the public health,” and showed “a demonstrated willingness and ability to (iflout the rules; (ii) conscript others into his schemes; and (iii) inspire dangerous public sentiment,”. 

 Brandenburg also believed more ludicrous theories such as 9/11 was fake and the Earth is flat. His coworker mentioned Brandenburg brought a gun to work in an interview with the police which he later confirmed “it was a .45 and kept it in case the military came to take him away” according to ABC news. Prosecutors wondered if he even turned in all his weapons to authorities. His now ex-wife mentioned in a divorce case he had a rental unit storing bulk food and guns. Judge Brett Ludwig said if a storage unit existed any firearms would need to be confiscated. 

On Tuesday a trial a trial was held over Zoom in which Brandenburg pleaded guilty for both charges and ABC news states “Brandenburg’s federal sentencing date has been set for June 8. He is now on home detention, at his parents’ house”. 

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