Son of Notorious Conservative Activist Charged in the Capital Riot

Peyton Feldman

February 17th 2021

Leo Brent Bozell IV was charged on Tuesday for his involvement for the Capitol insurrection. 

The case started against Bozell after the FBI received clues from three tipsters who identified him because he was wearing a blue sweatshirt with a logo for a private school in Pennsylvania called Hershey Christan Academy. Bozell has children who went there for school and was a former girls basketball coach plus according to witnesses his nickname was “Zeeker. 

In the brief camera footage Bozell was identified in inside of the Capitol building on January 6th he angles a camera downwards towards the balcony floor, while in the Senate gallery so it was unable to record incoming floods of rioters. 

NPR states “Bozell, 41, is facing charges of disorderly conduct, knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds, and obstructing an official proceeding. 

His father Leo Brent Bozell III is the founder owner and president of a nonprofit media research organization which owns a NewsBuster website with a mission of “expos[ing] and neutraliz[ing] the propaganda arm of the Left: the national news media. They accuse mainstream media of “liberal bias”. 

The day of the capital riots elder Bozell mentioned on Fox Business that he was against violence but that “This is an explosion of pent-up outrage from middle America” and “They are furious that they believe this election was stolen,” he added. “I agree with them.”  

Hershey Christan Academy released a statement on Jan 22 that they deem the acts of Bozell IV was “unacceptable behavior”. “Parents and teachers have been forced to endure many terrorizing and threatening emails and harassing calls”. The threats brought fear into the community and even caused parents to opt for virtual learning. The threats reached the extent to where the school had to close on January 20th due to the uncertainty of students safety. 


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