Largest Volcano in Europe Erupts

On February 24, 2021 Mount Etna in Catania, Sicily the largest volcano in Europe erupted. Mount Etna is 11,050 feet above sea level and is 22 miles in diameter, although the activity of the volcano has changed the size of it. According to ‘’the volcano released lava, ash, volcanic rocks causing Catania Airport to close temporarily. The volcano released over 3,280 feet of lava into the air and is still showing signs of activity and even ongoing eruptions. This could cause the citizens of Catania, Sicily to evacuate their homes, which many could be damaged or destroyed. A few days prior to the February 24th eruption, Mount Etna erupted 5 times in a row at very regular intervals which is known as paroxysm according to
Mount Etnas eruption brings great concern of a possible super eruption at Yellow Stone National Park. According to Volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer. In an interview with he explained that ‘’if super volcano, Yellow stone would experience a super eruption it would massively impact the US’’ The volcano is in Wyoming and is constantly watched by the United States Geological Survey. A super eruption could eject hundreds or thousands of cubic kilometers of magma. With this much magma a large crater will likely be formed in the earth. This would be devastating because the smoke clouds would be so intense that the whole United States would be covered in ash and volcanic gasses. But it would not stop there as it would also affect the whole world. This volcano would burn and bury any thing in its path causing animals, people, buildings, and the climate to become very poor. Volcanos can cause massive destruction and should not be taken lightly for the earth and all living things would suffer greatly from it.