Why Black Women Are Rejecting Hospitals In Hopes For A Better Delivery

Hailey Wabbersen

Hailey Wabbersen 


Journalism 2 

                            Why black women are rejecting hospitals in hopes for a better delivery 

Women are always seeking a calming, safe, and loving space to deliver their child and during current times regarding the pandemic and racial inequality, but safe places aren’t found at every hospitalThe United States has the worst maternal morality rates in the industrialized world and the pandemic makes it even more difficult for everyone to deliver their child. Then the racial inequality in the developing world turns a typical thing to do into a hazard.  

“In New Jersey: Black Women is seven times as likely to pass away from pregnancy-related causes compared to White women” according to the New York Times. The state is desperately trying to decrease these statistics down 50% in the next five years, but Black women feel as if its already too late. They aren’t comfortable, nor safe in their own local hospital which has led them to seek out other options such as birthing houses, home births, etc.  

Although birthing houses aren’t the safest spaces either, you’re not just another number on a spreadsheet while trying to deliver your baby into the world. Birthing houses are half-way pointbetween home births and hospital births. Low-risk births can easily take a turn for the worse, but they’re run by many doctors that just want everyone to be safe. They have been surprisingly busy throughout the pandemic because women feel safer and more cared for there, especially Black women. Such as The Birthing Center in New Jersey, it has welcomed so many new mothers into their space and it is owned by Dr. Nicola Pemberton, a Black obstetrician-gynecologist, who mainly caters to people of color who are expecting.  

Hospitals are very overwhelming spaces for mothers, along with the chaos of labor, and the state of New Jersey is working to decrease their statistics but that is just one state. The United States needs to look out for their future and the vessels that are bringing them into this world. Its quite impressive that we don’t treat our expecting mothers better. Hopefully, more states take a note from New Jersey and make an effort to change for the better. Our future deserves it.  

(Source: “Why Black women are rejecting hospitals in search of better births” by Alice Proujansky for The New York Times)