The Tsunami That Took Away Everything 

Hailey Wabbersen

Article 9 

Hailey Wabbersen 


Journalism 2  

                                                               The Tsunami That Took Away Everything  

On this day in 2011, an earthquake and tsunami hit coastal Japan and washed away everything. This village had been through a plaque, war, and many other trying times all to be washed away by the tsunami. The wave washed away everything from 550 homes, all but 2 in the town, to local residents and ancient tombs of their ancestors. All of the other survivors fled. The town went away with the receding water that returned back to the ocean. But the town isn’t forgotten, a few residents are hopeful that one day it will return to what it used to be and are making efforts to get it there 

According to the New York Times, about 15 residents have been eagerly trying to rebuild their  hometown and the residents are determined to keep the spirit of their home alive, with or without their loved ones. “Each time the people stayed. They rebuilt and stayed. Rebuilt and stayed. I feel an obligation to continue what my ancestors started. I don’t want to lose my hometown.” said Naoshi Sato an 87-year-old, lumberjack and farmer whose son was killed in the tsunami. He’s doing this for the sake of his son and in hopes of having a future here and set an example for the future. His heart still remains here and this is his purpose. For a year, he lived in the wreckage of his own home without power or water in hopes of Kesen returning to a loving, quiet fishing town. 

Mr. Sato, for the first year of returning back to his home, went into the woods and foraged for the supplies he needed to restart. The other families followed after his lead. Sato was left behind by his family and he was left by himself to achieve this mission. But, many people wont return to the little town of Kesen and everyone is losing hope fast. The government has a huge part in this, “It took nine years and $840 million dollars to finish this project and the land above the village was just converted into land for local construction”. They let the residents were let town by the city and they’re scared and are being faced with a harsh reality that they may never see this mess be cleaned up.  

This town is a staple in a lot of the survivors life’s and memories so its hard for them to let it go so easily but they are losing hope fast. They’ve lost so much here and it seems like they can’t catch a break. They don’t have the support, money, or people to turn this dream into a reality. By the time Mr. Sato and the rest of the survivors pass, nothing will be done and the towns memories and purpose will go along with them.