Jalisco, Mexico: Jalisco Police Involved in Another Kidnapping of Family Arrested and Family Found 2 Weeks Later

Raven Haengel, Photographer, Writer

On March 24thVirginia Villaseñor anher 9-year-old son, her siblings Julio Villaseñor and Jimena Romo, and her one-year-old daughter Julia Isabella were declared missing in the municipality of Acatic, when they returned from a vacation in Mexico City. The family was reported missing after Salvador Romo father of Jimena Romo, lost contact with the family on their way home from vacation. Attorney General Gerardo Octavio Solís said to Mexico News Daily, “Early data which was obtained in the course of the investigations suggest the very probable participation of some of the Acatic police force in the disappearance of these people,” “In some localities like JalostotitlánTepatitlan and some others where they had been traveling, they will have only been somewhere they were passing through and it’s very probable that here is where it happened. It’s documented in some early data and for that reason, there are great many [investigators] working here in this area,” Seven police officers involved were arrested for kidnapping and will face trial in the coming weeks, but the deputy commander in charge of the facility has yet to be located. Solis stated that “Sometimes they are part of the payroll, and other times they are forced against their will. Some municipalities surely do not exceed 60 police officers who are outnumbered, in strategy and violence and are sometimes subjected by criminal organizations to cooperate,” Governor Enrique Alfaro announced on Friday in a Twitter post, that Julio Alberto Villaseñor Cabrera, 35, Jimena Romo Jiménez, 24, their 9-year-old son and Virginia Villaseñor Cabrera were located around 2:30 am. A day later, the 1-year-old daughter Julia Isabella Villaseñor was found on an unoccupied lot in La Barca, a small town about 100 kilometers southeast of Guadalajara. Governor Alfaro said in a statement for Mexico News Daily, that “Yesterday, the little one, Julia Isabella, was found, and today we begin the day with the news we’d all been waiting to hear: at 2:30 in the morning, her family was found as well,” “After days of searching without rest in different municipalities of the state, … her mother, father, aunt and the little boy [her brother] … are today safe and sound.” Rogelio Barba, a security specialist in Jaliscosaid that there are many links of the Jalisco municipal and state police being in league with criminal groups, this is a constant theme within the states of the country anclears the way for illicit activities to start in Mexico. In a recent interview with Vallarta Daily, Barba stated that “It is a systematic practice of criminal organizations, their operators in crime are part of an authorized crime, institutional crime. The conspiracy between the bad guys and those who should protect us is exposed, which leaves the safety of citizens in question. The motive for the suspected kidnapping has not been determined, but there is a suspected connection to an armed attack that took place days earlier in Guadalajara.