Gourmet Hound: Exploring Grief

Logan Boehm

If you’ve been around the internet (especially YouTube and Twitter) enough, you’ve probably heard of many webcomic readers and apps, but the most popular one is Webtoon. The platform is large, with millions of users and some webcomics having millions of reads. The genres are immense too, with some like Bluechair and Winter Moon, who focus on Comedy, UnOrdinary and Tower of God, who focus on Fantasy Action, and I Love Yoo and Odd Girl Out, who focus on Drama with a bit of Romance sprinkled here and there. Throughout the vast amount of different webcomics that drift in the ocean of Webtoon, the focus of today is Gourmet Hound, a Drama series headed by Leehamaone of the many creators on the platform.  

Gourmet Hound follows Lucy Fuji, a woman in her mid-20s who has an unnervingly amazing sense of smell. The story has its roots in Lucy’s childhood, telling us about how, when she was younger, she would go to a restaurant called Dimanche with her grandmother whenever she could fit a reservation. With her amazing sense of smell came a just as amazing sense of taste, which allowed her to notice even the smallest things in dishes, so she got extremely accustomed to the taste of Dimanche’s chefs there. But sadly, suddenly when she was in her late teens, her grandmother fell ill, and eventually died, leaving Lucy with no more family, and not to mention leaving her with her cooking school. Too much struck her at once, leaving her stressed with everything, and sadly ended up having to sell the cooking school, not going to a college or university, and taking multiple jobs to help pay for things. Not to mention, with the death of Lucy’s grandmother, the head chef and owner of Dimanche, Chef Bartlett, suddenly leaves, leaving the whole kitchen in what’s only able to be described as an imbalanced tower just waiting to fall over. One thing leads to another, and eventually all the chefs that were there under Bartlett’s head and by his side had left Dimanche, leaving it entirely different to Lucy. 

Next time she went there, with friends this time, Lucy noticed that some sort of taste was… missing. This brought her to tears and she wound up leaving the restaurant, eventually becoming determined to find all the chefs who had left Dimanche, and find out who had the taste she was looking for. On her way home that night, though, while walking home she noticed an apartment was on fire, specifically from a burnt egg. She runs up to the apartment, breaking the door down (not entirely on purpose), and ending up having to work for the man to pay off the debt for the door. Luckily enough for her, though, this little café named Gourmet Hound was run by two of Dimanche’s former chefs, Graham Ramos and Brie Malik. She quickly finds out that their tastes are not what she’s looking for, but she does end up getting a list of what happened to Dimanche’s former chefs from Graham, which helps her on her little quest to find them all.  

There’s a lot more to the plot, but this isn’t an infodump about the series. Gourmet Hound explores so many topics and has such an incredibly diverse cast, both personality-wise and just appearance-wise, that it can be hard to keep up with everyone at times. But the main topic of the series, as told by the title of this article, is grief. Whether it be Lucy and Bartlett losing Lucy’s grandmother, or all the chefs at Dimanche suddenly losing Bartlett with no real reason behind it, everyone here has their own form of grief and feelings deep down that have gone unsaid. It’s a theme that never leaves your mind or the scene, since this all started with Lucy’s grandmother’s deathNot to mention, all of these diverse themes and characters are dealt with incredibly wellnor do they really overshadow others. A large emotional ride from beginning to endGourmet Hound is a wonderful webcomic that can throw your mood for a loop, and I absolutely suggest reading it if you find the time.  

Oh, also, there’s a good amount of cooking knowledge to be found! The whole story is focused on finding chefs and cooking, it would be crazy if there wasn’t a plethora of knowledge about food or cooking to be found within it.