California on Fire, Thousands without Homes

Connor Rogers, writer, editor

Right now, most of northern California is ablaze as over 6000 wildfires scorch the land. Since the incident began over 1.6 million acres of land has been burned, leaving thousands of citizens with a home. This is the one of the worst wildfire seasons California has seen, over twice the number of acres has been burned than last year.  Fire fighters are having difficulties containing these fires, despite their best efforts.  

While wildfires are a usual part of California’s landscape, this year has been especially bad as high temperatures and winds continue to make vegetation dryer and more accessible to fire. Some fires, such as the McFarland fire, were started by lightning strikes and began to spread through the area. Other fires were caused by man-made problems such as PG & E company’s electrical issues suspected to have started the Dixie fire. To prevent started more fires, PG & E has shut off power to more than 51,000 customers across California. 

The Dixie Fire is now the 2nd largest wildfire in California history having burned over 747,000 acres and only being 50% contained. It is not expected to be fully contained until August 20th. Several roads including HWY-50 have been closed and evacuation orders have been called for Amador, El Dorado and Alpine counties. A privately owned limber farm has lost over 260,000 acres, approximately 1 billion dollars of profit with an additional billion dollars at risk.  

Fires are still expected to continue to spread and cause more damage. Keep an eye out for any road closures, follow all evacuation orders, and get out of there at the first sign of danger. For this situation to be resolved, everyone must pitch in to help combat the fires. If you can apply to be a volunteer firefighter, make sure to put out any still lit cigarette butts on the ground, and be sure to completely douse any campfire when it is no longer needed.