The Red Tide

Ashton newton, Writer

Well, where can I begin? It’s a problem for sure that’s obvious. Where does it come from you may ask? To be honest who knows where? What I can tell you is that Red Tide Is a phenomenon. The sea has a discoloration on the surface. The common name for the harmful algal blooms, that usually happens along the coast and is causing marine life to die.

There are four stages of Red Tide: Initiation, Growth, Maintenance, and Termination. Usually this happens from August through November. There is three types of Red Tide, The 1st is called Alexandrium Fundyense which is around the Atlantic Coast, The 2nd is called Alexandrium Catenella which is around the Pacific Coast. Finally the third and last is called Karenia Brevis which has been found in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Red Tide is the worse in our very own Tampa Bay region and southwest FL. The Red Tide has killed more than six hundred tons of marine life. The Red Tide will continue to kill more and more fish and possibly humans. The only thing we can do is wait and see. There is a way to get rid of it though. Its called Clay Mitigation, it involves spraying the surface of the sea with clay particles. The process can kill the cells and bury them. This can get rid of the Red Tides for good.

One thing that does not help is rainfall. The rain can feed the harmful algal to grow and help them spread. This Red Tide can last as long as 18 months. This can be affective to thousands of square miles across the globe. The only thing people are not understanding is people are cooking shellfish out of the Red Tide. It will taste the same but you can die from it. Cooking it does not get rid of the toxin that is in it.

The Red Tide presence is visible due to its effective impact on the rest of the ecosystem. In conclusion, The Red Tide is harmful and everyone needs to know about it. Nature is giving punishment for us polluting the earth. Killing all the fish and sickening the water.