Interesting Facts about sharks

Kamiyah Green, Author

Did you know that lightning is more likely to kill you then a shark attack? The three most popular sharks are the Great white, Tiger shark, and a Bull shark. Tiger sharks can reach a length of at least 18 feet and 2000 pounds. Great whites can swim up to 15 miles per hour leaving the water completely breaching. Bull sharks can eat anything, their diet consists of regular fish.


Furthermore, sharks have a bad reputation when they don’t hurt or kill that many people what makes them come and chase after us because we look like big seals. Typically sharks go to a person or fish that is bleeding it triggers one of their sensors. But the average shark attacks that have happened in the past 5 years were 30 incidents not thousands as most people make it out to be. They don’t just go around attacking people the issue is simply confusion they get us mixed with other things the colors yellow, white, and silver attracts sharks it catches their eyes. Movies and media make sharks out to be the bad guy constantly showing sharks viciously attacking people and other animals. To top everything off sharks are picky eaters they strictly like the smell of fishes and seals, they like the smell of sea life humans are too complicated to eat they struggle a lot and have way too many bones moral of the story sharks aren’t viscous predators they are just regular fish people overdramatize them. 


In conclusion, it is easy to see how sharks are fearful, but they are overdramatized, they are not interested in people, nor do they consist in their diet. Like I stated before they like the smell of seals and fish typically they will come up to potential prey and take a nibble to see if they like it. When it is a person, they usually let it go and then it is classified as a shark attack most of them are not fatal, but I believe if you start hitting it etc. It is not going to let go.