Spiders are not to be feared

Kamiyah Green, Author

Did you know when spiders are mating the female spider eats the male either during or after they get done. Spiders are typically found everywhere including in your house but in dark spots, they like to hide they are on the list of the most misinterpreted animals’ people are so scared of them because they have a lot of legs, and they are common everywhere. 


In addition to what I was just talking about, spiders are feared way too much but that’s because most people have what’s called arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders. When all they want nothing to do with it when all spiders want to do is hide and get away from humans and hide in dark spots where they can get food and water. If we didn’t have spiders, we humans wouldn’t be able to survive because they eat flies, etc…   And those things carry all types of diseases that can be deadly, Scientists have been doing research and spider venom can be used as medicine to help cure some diseases they do a lot of good for the world just to be hated on by people and killed constantly by humankind. They make sure certain insect species don’t overpopulate, for example, bugs that chew at crops. If they overpopulate then they will take over and destroy our food supply and then that messes everything up worldwide moral of the story Is spiders aren’t bad at all, they help the environment and they don’t attack people unless messed with. 


In conclusion, fearing spiders is reasonable only to an extent if you haven’t done your research on them in Australia spiders haven’t killed anyone in over 40 years. If anything, spiders are only interested in insects, they don’t care about us, they try to avoid us at all costs the saying “bugs are more scared of you than you are of them” is 100% completely true we are giants to them, and they are tiny to us.