Should Schools Require Covid Vaccines?

Connor Rogers, Writer, editor

As Coronavirus rates continue to spike, some people are wondering if schools should mandate that students and staff get their vaccines. This is a very divided argument as many see the vaccine as a political issue and do not trust the institutions providing the vaccine.  

One of the few states leading the charge in mandating  Covid vaccinations is California; now the first state to require its facility to be vaccinated. However it is unclear if their students will be required to follow suit. For many parents, this is not a huge issue as schools have been mandating vaccines since the 1850’s, when they were first used to prevent smallpox transmissions among children. It is because of the effectiveness of  vaccinations that over 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths among children of all ages. 

However, it appears several states are going in the wrong direction when it comes to the vaccine with states like Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, and Utah having passed legislation that prevents public schools from requiring vaccinations or proof of vaccination. With these states having about an average of 50 Covid cases a day, it seems foolish to prevent schools from mandating the shot. On top of not mandating vaccines, these states also don’t have a mandatory mask requirement, increasing the risks of contracting the virus. Just  Florida alone has an average of 66 children per day hospitalized  due to Covid. 

If people truly want to help make a difference in these numbers, there are several ways. You can start by getting vaccination and convincing others to do the same. Write an email or letter to the local senator asking them to put a vaccine mandate in schools. Everyone must pitch in to help ensure people’s safety. If we don’t, then this virus will continue to infect more people, including school children.