North Korea Tests Hypersonic Missile

Connor Rogers, Writer, Editor

North Korea might be building up for war. On Tuesday, North Korea successfully launched Hwasong-8, a new hypersonic missile.  This is the country’s third test in the month of September alone. They also claim to be working on a new cruise missile and a train-launched ballistic missile system. These are warning signs that North Korea has significantly ramped up its weapons program. 

A hypersonic missile is a much faster and more agile type of missile, which makes it harder for defense systems to interfere with it. Russia recently launched their own hypersonic missile which managed to travel at a speed of 5381 mph. North Korea has called their new missile a “strategic weapon” which may indicate that it has nuclear capabilities. This is very concerning as the UN atomic agency claimed that last month that North Korea had restarted a reactor which is capable of producing the plutonium required for nuclear weapons.  While the U.S. has been calling for the nation to surrender its nuclear weapons, North Korea has refused stating that they are for self-defense.  

This is the first time North Korea has added missile fuel ampoule to the new missile, meaning it could sit in the silo prepared to fire for years. This significantly decrease the time need to launch the missile upon other nations, which would have less time to react to the oncoming strike. In retaliation to these “provocations”, South Korea has recently tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile to be use as deterrence for North Korea. With these two nations building up their weapon programs, it could eventually spark another war with each other. 

Hopefully, the United States will be able to talk North Korea about giving up its nuclear weapons, which would hopefully calm down South Korea as well. Till then its best to keep an eye on the North Korean President. We never know when he could decide to actually use the missile. Thankfully, according to South Korea’s joint Chiefs in Staff, the missile is in early stages of development and will require lots of work before it can be used in combat.