New Orleans Horrible Hurricane Experience

Jasmine Deshazier, Author

                In 2021 a hurricane hit New Orleans. This Hurricanes name is Ida. Ida was a horrible hurricane, Laura was a category 4 hurricane.

              New Orleans area leaves provided a mix of good and bad response to this devastating hurricane. Deaths are growing by the day at least 46 people have died in New Orleans and it’s only been a couple days. People are evacuating and coming to Florida and Many other places to get away. Lucky many people have escaped this tragic hurricane. If they had not Escaped more than 500 people would have died. Hurricane Ida was quite a disaster for New Orleans

             New Orleans has not had a hurricane like this it was August 31, 2005. During this time 80% of New Orleans was flooded. The the water was around 15 feet tall. It has been 16 years since New Orleans has had a flooded anything like that, but it’s happening now. They had trouble handling the hurricane and it’s aftermath but what the help of other Nearby states they are getting through it. Hurricane ida has caused things like, the power go out for days. The the water is around 10 feet high maybe taller. 

               The number of deaths is around 55 now on September 3, 2021. The number has gone up by 10 in the past week. Hopefully it doesn’t go up any more. The hurricane is not as bad now but the people of New Orleans are still trying to clean up after in and it is constantly raining. Wish the best for them, and their safety. Hopefully they handle the aftermath well Is able to get their town back together.