School Uniform Validation

Kamiyah Green, Author

About 23% of elementary schools wear uniforms, 18% of middle schools wear uniforms, and 10% of high schools have them one of the reasoning being so that all the children look the sameOther kids cannot be bullied for not having as nice clothes as some other kids might have. This makes sure that bullying is minimalized, or it can be the school’s personal preference in presenting all their students in a nice formal manner. Issues with uniforms can be some families probably won’t be able to afford them like pants, shirts, etc. So, in cases like these not having a uniform dress code can help a lot of parents out. Kids also need freedom and for some people wearing uniforms isn’t it because they must wear the same thing every day and aren’t allowed to express themselves. It doesn’t open their lives up it keeps the kids limited; they won’t be able to experience new things in their childhood. Small things like what they wear when they are little, or teenagers can make them see things differently. In certain circumstances wearing uniforms can be good but it can also be bad, it all depends on the students and administration. Kids should be able to wear and express themselves any way they want to after they are still growing and experiencing everything around them schools shouldn’t take some of that freedom away by making a uniform the dress code it also helps the parents long term.