Celebs opinions on body image

Kamiyah Green, Authur

Body image is an especially important thing a lot of people struggle with insecurities.it seems that everyone is obsessed with being slim and in shape to meet the latest social media standardsA lot of influencers and celebrities have commented and spoken a lot about this problem, for example, famous singer Billie Eilish always liked wearing baggy clothing because she did not want to hear the media talking about whether she is skinny or chubby. So baggy clothing in a way was her escape from all of it and she talks about how the media sets such high beauty standards for girls to be skinny beautiful and have a good figure. They expect too much and recently she has changed her life for the better she doesn’t wear baggy clothes as much as she uses to because she said screw it to all the expectations. She seems happier now that she can show herself off without someone commenting about it, she isn’t the only celeb who has spoken up about this situation. Zendaya has also made a big appearance in the clothing and body image situation she has made statements alone just in a suit or as dressing in some people call it “boy clothes. She goes against you don’t have to abide by the clothing standards and you can wear whatever you want because clothes don’t have a gender. For such a long time everyone was taught about boy things and girl thingbut, there is no gender in clothes, nail polish, makeup, nor hairstyles because this stuff is just objects so people like Zendaya and Billie have made a difference with going against all expectations and they have proven that you don’t have to be a certain color, race, skinny or heavier you just be you.