Covid Getting Transmitted in Daycare

Kamiyah Green, Author

Children running around touching random objects, students, and teachers can spread diseases fast and with covid still a serious issue. It‘s making it harder for things to get better and putting a bunch of children of getting sick and possibly getting severe injuries. NBC News has reported that ever since daycares have opened back up there has been an increase in cases of covid in children three daycares in Utah have had outbreaks of covid. The spread in kids is they like going around touching everything and other kids and all those germs just transmit to one person to another and at first, no symptoms are shown so you think that everything is normal until it’s too late and a bunch of kids is infected with covid. Then the kids go home to their parents and siblings and expose them to the virus and the cycle continues and never stops wearing mask has helped stop the spread. decent amount but since the world has opened back up cases have gone up again because it seems everyone has forgotten there is still a pandemic going on and they are spreading their germs right back into the world and don’t use protection like face mask or hand sanitizer. Lately, cases are still there but it is toning down just a little bit more and more each day since the vaccination is out daycares have done a better job of keeping the kids at safe distances from each other so everyone can be safe.