Music Review: SuperM Jopping

Music Review  


SuperM deputed their song “Jopping” October 4, 2019 when the entertainment companies SM, Capital Music Group, and the distribution company Caroline decided to form the “Avengers of K-pop” a group of 7 members apart of SM or successful groups under the label. The group depicts of Baekhyun of EXO and the leader, main vocalist of the group, Taemin the main dancer, main vocalist and center of the group was a part of the group Shinee, Kai the main dancer, lead rapper and sub vocalist is a part of EXO, Taeyong the main rapper, lead dancer and a member of the groups NCT U and NCT 127, Ten the main dancer, lead vocalist, sub rapper and also a member of NCT U and WayVLucas is the rapper and another member of NCT U and WayV, the Maknae aka the youngest of the group is Mark the main rapper, lead dancer is also a member of NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream. The song is “Proved to be an action-packed, futuristic short film that featured the bandmates as superhero-style stars performing a dramatic dance track with frequent tonal shifts as they perform high-powered choreography. Throughout, it switches between the bombastic titular electro-pop choral refrain bolstered by cinematic-style horns, and a groovy beat over which the members rhythmically share their raps and sing melodically. The song’s title is a combination word pulled from the terms “jumping” and “popping,” a nod to the group’s intense performance style, the renewal of SM’s “SMP,” or “SM Music Performance” style that blends dramatic choreography with impactful genre-blending sounds”. The music video has already gotten 33,481,753 views in the three weeks it has been released and probably will gain more in the future.