Music Review: Ariaz Moonlight Aria

Ariaz: Moonlight Aria 

Ariaz debuted their song Moonlight Aria October 23, 2019 when the entertainment companStar Empire made a subsidiary company called Rising Star Entertainment of a 6-member girl group that consists of Yunji the leader and main vocalist, lead dancer of the group, Dawon the main vocalist and rapper, Sihyeon the lead vocalist, rapper, visual, Yeori the main rapper, main dancer, and vocalist, Hyogyeong the lead vocalist, and lead rapper and the maknae aka the youngest is Jueun a vocalist of the group. The song Moonlight Aria is a “medium-tempo dance song that adds Glitch Hop features. Combining with the “Grand Opera” album concept, the lyrics of the song express the story like a fiction play with the theme of “Aria” carrying the meaning of “a beautiful and emotional single of the protagonist“. The song only has 45,035 views and is to probably gain more in the future.