Memphis beats Brooklyn Nets 134-133 with Jae Crowder dagger!

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

Yesterday evening, the Brooklyn Nets and the Memphis Grizzlies went against each other and Jae Crowder hit a crazy shot to win the game for Memphis. Kyrie Irving (the second time he has been featured on this newspaper) dropped 37 points in a losing effort, and rookie Ja Morant, the second overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, dropped a astonishing 30 points against a superstar Kyrie Irving. Also having a nice game was Caris LeVert, who dropped 27 in a close one.

There was only 3 seconds left whenever the Grizzlies inbounded the ball, and Ja Morant passed the ball to a relatively open Jae Crowder who shot it for three and drained it. Wow, that was amazing!

It seems as if the Grizzlies have a young star in Ja Morant who can hoop. He even put up 30 against a superstar in Kyrie Irving. What is even more crazy is that Kyrie has put up 50 and 37 points in two losses. The Nets might be legit this year, finally. I really hope that the Nets can piece it all together. More stats are down below.