Music Review: Jesus Is King

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

The album I am reviewing today is Kanye West’s new GOSPEL album Jesus Is King. The Rap mainstay has spoken out in the media saying that he “nearly quit rapping because it was the devil’s music.” Besides that, let’s get into the album.

The album is very diverse, but its mainly Kanye experimenting with Gospel. The start of the album, a song called Every Hour, features his Sunday Service Choir, who also was feautured on his 2016 album “The Life Of Pablo.” The song is very interesting, but the choir does good, so 8/10

The second song, Selah, may be the best song on the album. It sounds very pop-ish, and also has lots of rap elements. Very good song and 10/10 recommended.

Follow God, the third song, is a okay song. It sounds very nice, and has a catchy beat. I mean, its not old Kanye, but he does spit good bars, so a 7/10 isn’t a horrible reward.

Closed on Sunday is EASILY the worst song on Jesus Is King. He literally talks about Chick-Fil-A being closed on sunday. 1/10

On God is a very weird song with a techno beat that I love. It has a huge appeal to your average listener. 6/10

Everything We Need features one of my favorite artists, Ty Dolla Sign, and a huge beat that hits hard. I really do love this song and it IS my favorite song off this album. 10/10

Water sounds very much like a Reggae and a Gospel song together. It sounds very nice, but its not really my type of song. 5/10

God Is is WAY too gospel for me. I really dont enjoy it, 3/10

Hands On is a pretty decent song. I mean it kind of has a very nice beat and Kayne raps pretty good here. 7/10

Use This Gospel is a very good and it sounds really good. I like it pretty good. 6/10

Jesus Is Lord is way too gospel and does not appeal to me, personally. However the sample is good, so 3/1o

Overall, JESUS IS KING is a pretty nice album by Kanye West. I mean it has very good appeal to your average Kanye listener and it sounds very nice. I don’t think it has any billboard or radio appeal, but for your average listener, it sounds OK.

5/10, just mediocre. Did not expect much, and was met with just about what I expected rolling into it. Xhv