Man Wins Top Lottery Prize On His Way to His Last Chemo Treatment: ‘Winning This Made It My Lucky Day’

Payton Beasley, Writer and Editor

Ronnie Foster had already been in a pretty good mood whenever he stopped at a convenience store this month. The retired DMV worker from Pink Hill, NC was on his way to his very last chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer whenever he decided to stop for some lottery tickets.

He scratched one off, and had won a astonishing $200,000 prize.

Well, a backstory first. He had scratched a $1 ticket and had won $5, so he therefore was only going to buy ONE ticket. Well, he bought two, luckily.

“I scratched the first one and didn’t win anything. So, I scratched the second one and when I saw all of those zeros, I just froze. When I went inside to check, it said ‘Go to Lottery Headquarters.’ I could not believe my luck!”

Foster says he plans to pay a good majority of his medical bills with the money and save the rest for the future.

“I have good insurance” said Foster, “but this will make it a whole lot easier.”